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Investing in the new frontier of
sustainable & secure 

Seafloor Minerals.

We’re accelerating our world’s energy transition with the largest, lowest impact supply of critical minerals.

Global demand for critical minerals is growing, and the traditional mining industry can’t keep up.

Seafloor Minerals represent the world's largest and greenest high-grade supply of critical minerals.

Current mining practices are environmentally devastating, and downstream supply chains are highly concentrated.

Seafloor minerals can be extracted with minimal environmental impact, from Allied jurisdictions.

The Seafloor Minerals industry has worked for decades to align key stakeholders, including regulators, scientists, governments, and communities.

Now it needs a capital partner, committed to catalyzing and de-risking the full supply chain.

the Seafloor Minerals Fund is investing in, enabling, and collaborating with the best companies in this space.

Our Team.

We bring decades of experience in major capital project execution, sustainable development, maritime supply chains, large systems engineering, and key commodities.

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